Jamology is a full service entertainment company with a passion for people and music! Jamology specializes in quality musical entertainment and phenomenal customer service while remaining a top consumer value. Our Jamologist’s, dancers and musicians are committed to the success of every event.

Jamology performs for an array of different events. Including but not limited to: Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s, Weddings, Corporate events, School dances and Social events. Although the foundation for Jamology is music, Jamology recommends Caterers, Photographers, Venues and creative non-musical entertainment. We work with, and recommend, high quality vendors with the client’s best interest at heart.

Jamology is a personal service!!! People working with people!! Every event and every client is special! Jamology’s clients are entitled to - In home visits, unlimited phone time, prompt and succinct answers to questions, calls and emails, professional and talented performers but most of all a “Great Party”. Jamology is available for guidance, consultations or epiphanys.

Jamology uses high quality sound and lighting equipment , professional, energized and talented performers, and proper musical energy distribution to enhance every party’s atmosphere! The desire to excel drives all of Jamology’s performers. The Human element is always the definitive factor for the success of any event.

Music is a catalyst for emotions, a marker of time, an entity so subjective and passionate, no two peoples taste are exactly the same. When a connection is made the feet feel a little lighter, the heart beats a little faster and the soul is just a little fuller. Contact Jamology and make the connection.

240-626-7316 or info@jamologyinc.com

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